Trail Conditions

We are dealing with a lack of accumulated snow and the recent ice storm. 
There is a firm, icy base with fresh new snow on top. Glide is good but there are many wet spots because the ground is saturated. The lack of snow depth has made grooming and track-setting impossible at this time. Some sections of trail have ice-laden overhanging branches. We are anticipating lots of snow on Saturday but in the meantime, the back country skiing is quite enjoyable. You may want to avoid the trail North of G and back to I, otherwise exercise caution. 

This season, you may find the signage a little confusing. Our trails are in an area known as the Kimberley Forest and you will encounter KF signs and emergency numbering. BVNSC and KF hope to have integrated signage by next season. In the meantime, disregard the KF signs and refer only to the BVNSC trail maps and junction lettering to find your way around. Also our trails have red plastic arrows marking the route.

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