Skiing conditions are marginal; exercise caution

Still too wet and not enough snow to groom trails safely and effectively. The plan is to roll the trails next week and track-set in time for the weekend of Jan. 14th.

There are some wet areas, some areas with little snow cover and a lot of foot traffic. All of these challenges will get better when conditions improve and grooming begins.

For now, it is possible to backcountry ski but exercise caution.

  1. Avoid wet areas and carry a scraper. If your skis ice up, it’s a real pain.
  2. Your skis will get scratched from sticks and rocks so if you do go out, be prepared for that, or wear an old pair of skis (aka rock skis).
  3. It’s not easy skiing where people walk so please be careful. There is less foot traffic the further you are from the trailhead. These activities are strongly discouraged but cannot be prohibited. Please be kind in your remarks to non-skiers on the trail.Most people snowshoeing or walking do make an effort to avoid ski tracks, or just don’t know better. But not everyone fits those two categories so please use your judgement. With communication and mechanical track-setting, conflicts tend to diminish or disappear.