Trail Conditions

Lots and lots of fresh snow. So why are the trails not groomed? The ground is still not frozen. Machine grooming now could damage the trails and is potentially unsafe for the machine operators. Another question: How often do you get to experience true backcountry skiing? This is your chance. The trails are beckoning! Expect a slower pace. Preparation is… Read more →

Backcountry skiing for now

Ground is wet with many wet spots on the trail. Packing and grooming cannot happen until the ground is frozen. Backcountry skiing requires extra caution. IF – you ski with someone, take your phone and know where you’re going, it can be as enjoyable as track-set trails. PLEASE NOTE TRAIL SECTION G-H-I is CLOSED. G to I is open. Read more →

Trails are OPEN

Trails are open again and it is snowing as I type! Our groomer Ryan has been able to get out to pack and track-set trails. The forecast promises below freezing temperatures for the next 14 days so I hope we are all able to finally get out and enjoy the sport we love. Read more →

Trail Conditions – Closed

Nordic ski trails are closed until further notice. It is very disappointing for our Club but we have no other option.  Our trails are in very poor condition. There are many places along the trail where the ground is not frozen and water has pooled, in addition to not having much base or any new snow. What little snow there… Read more →